Why local Coastal Organic?

Local #coastalorganic is not impacted by rising costs across the complex supply chain system we use to grow and distribute food.

Here at Eastport Organics we produce premium Newfoundland local organic food, period. It's truly organic food, not based on a washed down supply chain corporate led scam and it makes sense on all levels. No middlemen, no packaging, no shipping of inputs and no need for chemical inputs. Our farms products are a result of the clean healthy soil that results from the composting of all our farm waste along with the copious amounts of kelp and various fish wastes available right from the ocean out our back door. Everything is picked fresh within a day, or two for market and is even fresher when you get it straight from the farm in Eastport.

Today’s modern chemically-laden agricultural practices necessitate the use of high carbon footprint inputs such as; heavy machinery, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and a transport system that is engaged from top to bottom of the whole supply chain. At Eastport Organics our system depends on manual labor, healthy soil, crop rotation and a minimal amount of transport from the beginning of our composting system to the end result of the food getting to your plate. Our system is more than what you think of when you hear the term ‘organic’.

We pride ourselves in growing our food with as many locally available materials as possible. By only using compost made from seaweed / kelp, fish waste and animals manures to feed our soil we are creating super healthy clean soil and at the same time our own unique ‘terroir’, the French term literally translated to mean ‘sense of a place’.

By only using locally available premium inputs with almost no supply chain from seed to plate our food takes on a value that is more than the organic label you see on industrially produced food at the grocery store.

We call it Coastal Organic production #