Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kelp-fed Spinach & Lobster shell-fed Arugula. Two of my favourite things to munch on in Spring.


Outside now there are four cold-frames stuffed with Kelp-fed Spinach, Lobster shell-fed Arugula, Komatsuna, Drunken Woman Lettuce, Sweet Basil and Chard. In the greenhouse there are three tomatoe varieties, eggplants, cucumbers, rosemary, oregano, thyme, and two varieties of parsley started. In the house under lights are the rest of the early tomatoe's, more spinach just started, three varieties of hot sweet peppers, and some speckled butterhead lettuce.

The paddcok is coming along. Installed a bathtub for the boys to drink from (with a pump, hose and battery), finishing peeling the remainder of the logs for gates, supports and rails, burning up some brush leftover from this winters pruning and drinking tea by the fire this week also.

No photos to share this time, but there's no doubt the 2010 season is upon us here in The Shire.