Backyard Gardening Consultation Services

We now have organic backyard gardening consulting services available.

These services are offered either as online chat sessions or more extensive phone conversations following a needs assessment questionnaire being filled out by the client.  

Take advantage of our years of practical knowledge and research to get your backyard organic gardening adventures off on the right foot.

If you've never attempted a backyard garden, or have limited growing experience we've got lots of professional tips and tricks to help give you more chances of success. If you're a more experienced grower and are looking to advance your growing skillz, gain knowledge in greenhouse techniques or perhaps learn more about organic / permaculture practices we can help get you started with some great online resources, recommended readings available at the library and a personalized growing strategy to bring your garden to the next level.

We will also be offering 1 day courses on site & in-season for groups interested in learning about composting, harvest techniques, garden planning and soils management. If there are things you'd like us to offer just let us know.

What can we help with?

  • How to create your own high-quality food grade compost.
  • Where to locate food quality compostables in your local area.
  • How to build a composting strategy to fit your schedule and gardening needs.
  • Which types of commercial compost / bagged soil to avoid etc.
  • Assistance with getting your first soil analysis done and understanding the results.
  • Recommendations on amending and maintaining your soils health.
  • Advice on pH, nutrient levels & carbon/nitrogen balance etc.
  • Types to consider, return on investment, siting choice, management and crop varieties to plant.
  • How to deal with pests, disease and other issues specific to greenhouses etc.
Garden Plot
  • Garden plot location.
  • How to avoid the common NL issue of acidic soils by adopting a drainage plan and getting your soils pH & organic matter balanced.
  • Overall strategies for streamlining your soil management system.

Rates are $60/hr with a minimum fee of $20 for anything more than an initial telephone conversation.

Just drop us an email. We'll send you out a basic questionnaire and from there we can schedule you in for a chat session with the farmer. We can also have a quick chat on the phone to determine your needs before a formal consultation takes place.

Above is a three sister garden grown in one of our test plots