Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Wwoofers, the first market of the year and the salad starts to flow...

The first market for us was last Saturday, and it was a good one. Lots of herbs, tomatoes, compost and seed were on the table at 9am, and hardly anything was left when it was all over at 2pm. Next market should be even better as the salad is now starting to flow.

We've started harvesting salad greens and are getting them out to our CSA members as they're ready to cut. Harvesting always needs to wait until the plants are mature enough to grow back and be re-cut.  Premature harvest (especially of stressed plants) can lead to poor root development from plants you plan to get 3-4 cuttings from.

Our second long-term woofer arrived Sunday all the way from North Dakota via the Cape Breton Highlands. Ben is busy hauling compost out into the trenches covering up the capelin and sawdust that will form our compost for next season and perhaps a few fall crops. Here he is getting a taste of our fencing project through black spruce (and black flies), so we should soon be ready to let the ponies run!