Organic Seeds for Sale

Farm grown locally acclimatized seeds

Updated December 2022

We offer a wide selection of Eastport Organics very own seeds for sale. Over the past twelve growing seasons we've been experimenting with growing our own seed here on the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, and we've been pleasantly surprised with the results. 2022 was a great year for seed growing!!

Available for shipping right now we have;

Arugula / Roquette
Wasabi Arugula / Spicy Cress
Giant Green Mustard (strong flavour when mature, tangy as salad leaf)
Giant Red Mustard (strong flavour when mature, tangy as salad leaf) 
Golden Frills (subtle mustard flavour, exceptional for salad) 
Scarlet Frills (mild mustard with spiked purple striped leaves

Ripbor, Red Russian, Dwarf Siberian & Dinosaur / Lacianto

Giant fordhook

Eastport (savoy, bolt resistant)

Salad Mixes
Straight lettuce mix (mixture of 5-6 leaf lettuce varieties)

Spicy salad mix (all contain a mixture of salad greens that will evolve throughout the season with varying amounts of lettuces, mustards, cress etc)

Flat-leaf / Italian Parsley, Summer Savoury, Dill

Medium length Carrot
Round Beet

Tomato  Brandywine, Bonny Best, Roma, Indigo Rose, Tiny Tim, Sunrise Bumblebee, Gold Nugget, Red Grape, 

Green Onion (Kincho) Japanese variety that will mature into a leek sized plant. Sweet and winter-hardy.

Seed packs are $4 each and considered suitable for one season of backyard gardening for a family of four.

For salad monsters, or those growing commercially we offer large quantities of some seed such as; green onion, kale, spinach, lettuce mixes, mustards and arugula at bulk rates.

For retailers, we have a counter-top display case which comes in a six variety size only.

How this works is businesses purchase the display case and a set of our best-selling seeds at a wholesale price, then restock the case with whatever varieties their customers prefer.

Local tourist shops, restaurants and corner stores that carry our products find this option a nice addition to their counter space during the late spring and early summer season.

For more details, shipping costs & arrangements please contact us.

We use online email transfer to complete most of our transactions for seeds. Learn about it here

All seed is guaranteed GMO free, Organic and Viable.