Organic CSA shares / Vegetable boxes - **NEW** Year-round options - Available in Eastport, Glovertown, Gander, Clarenville and St. John's metro region


There are now three options for each of our CSA Share / Vegetable Box sizes; summer, winter and year-round.

Our popular bi-weekly SUMMER vegetable box home delivery system runs from mid-May to mid-October. We can accommodate a range of dietary options for each household's needs.


Our NEW WINTER farm box system runs from January til April. Deliveries are less frequent than the summer system.

For this winter there’ll be some roots, pickled products, ferments, frozen products, some jams, greens from greenhouses...generally what is eat on-farm in the winter aside from any wild harvested protein. All from the cellar, pantry and freezers plus heated raised / covered beds in greenhouses.

Highlights will be tomato sauce, fermented hot sauce and packaged frozen greens collected during this past season. Dried seaweed flakes too :).


Our NEW YEAR-ROUND farm box (aka 'Eat like you're on the farm') will give you year-round access to our all our food.

Starts the day you sign up and runs for 365 days.

This option includes fresh vegetables in the main growing season and also our stored root crops during the winter. In addition we provide things like basil pesto, pickled beets, dill pickles, chutneys, hot sauces, tomato sauces etc.

Family - Summer $1100, Winter $600, Year-round $1500

We also offer grocery store and restaurant options.
- Read the Contract (winter and year round options are not yet built into the contract but the terms are the same)

- Either pay via the online store linked to above or;

- Send an email to acknowledging & agreeing to the contract, finalize all delivery details & add-ons etc, and make payment arrangements. Payment installment options available. Let us know what works best for you.

3. Follow along via social media and our regular email updates as the season progresses :)

Approximate seasonal availability

 2021 CSA customer testimonial
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful produce this summer.  All the wonderful veggies were not only DELICIOUS and healthy, but we learned so much from you. So thanks for teaching us, widening our fund of knowledge about organic produce and just produce in general. We were able to cook and eat food that we never had before. It has been amazing. Already looking forward to next season!!

Here at Eastport Organics we grow a wide variety of vegetables. The CSA subscription is a way for our regular customers to ensure they have a steady supply of clean, sustainable, organic, pesticide / fungicide / herbicide & GMO-free fresh local vegetables. The CSA subscriptions also help us financially through the winter and spring with animal feed, seed costs, heating and lighting as well as labour costs (a lot goes into getting that food to your plate).

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a system of farming that has been around the US and Europe for about thirty years. A CSA system has the customer pay the farmer up front for produce that will be delivered over the growing season(s), and was developed primarily to assist small farms with cash flow. By paying up front the customer is entering into a contract with the farmer, and taking on some of the risk. The customer trusts the farmer that the food will be there throughout season, and is helping out with early season cash flow. As with all forms of farming, there are inherent risks involved in small-scale market farming. Poor weather, insect outbreaks and labour issues can all contribute to a poor harvest just as good weather, healthy crops and willing helpers can lead to a bountiful harvest. The CSA helps the farmer mitigate the risks of a poor year, as well as share the benefits of the good years.

Our CSA aims for 11 bi-weekly offerings of vegetables made throughout the season (roughly between late May and late October), with each bi-weekly delivery containing a mixture of salad greens, fresh herbs and other seasonal produce made ready for customers in easy to store bundles.

How does it work?
We deliver bi-weekly to local farmers' markets and door-to-door. We also welcome customers to pick-up their shares by appointment at our farm next to the Heritage Centre in Eastport.
Grow Your Own
Combine your CSA with a 'Grow Your Own' kit which comes in three sizes. Price combinations vary. Ask us for details.

Custom packages for seasonal residents, grocery stores & restaurants
We offer custom CSA packages for our local areas seasonal residents as well as commercial sized CSA's to grocery stores & restaurants. We operate these agreements on a one-on-one basis. Please contact us to explore the possible options.

Payment options
We accept cash, cheque or email money transfer. Contact us for further details on all the payment options. We also accept volunteer time in trade for food.