Why local organic?

Organic locally produced food makes sense. Today’s modern agricultural practices necessitate the use of high cost inputs such as fuel, fertilizer and chemical herbicides. At Eastport Organics our system depends on manual labor, healthy soil and crop rotation. But we are more than what you think of when you hear the term ‘organic’.

Here at Eastport Organics, we produce premium local organic food. We pride ourselves in growing our food with as many locally available materials as possible. By only using compost made from seaweed / kelp, fish waste, horse manure and peat to feed our soil we are creating super healthy soil and at the same time our own ‘terroir’, the French term literally translated to mean ‘sense of a place’. By only using locally available premium inputs, our food takes on a value that is more than the organic label you see on industrially produced food at the grocery store.