Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Farm Wish List and a great big THANK-YOU!!

While I'm not a supporter of buying useless junk to satisfy the economy this time of year, the farm does have a wish list of its very own. People have been suggesting I put one up for years, so here it is. A farm needs lots of materials, support, equipment & repairs to keep it running and these are just a few of the items I'd consider as needs for the future.

Also, a big THANK-YOU!! to all the volunteers from all over the world who helped out around the place this year. Thank-you to all the customers who frequented us for fresh food and to all others who offered support, guidance and well-wishes for the farms future success. This time of year is a time for stocking up the freezers, eating stews, reading, stretching, breathing, getting back in touch with the animal friends, doing some political activism and generally recuperating and planning for the coming season. Hope everybody enjoyed the fruits of the farm this year and here's to a better growing season next year!! Peace. Jason