Sunday, January 24, 2010

A good life

Today was 'one of those days' to be thankful for. Up in the woods with a friend stacking and piling firewood and logs left behind from the past few years. Enjoying tea and snacks with just the grey jays to fill in the quiet times. No chainsaws, we used a bucksaw and an axe for the cleanup. There were a few trees fallen down over the past year, so we trimmed and cut them to haul out with the ponies later in the winter.

No snow to speak of yet, so great time to go over the past few years of cutting and burn up the limbs, tops and too rotten to burn bits and pieces, find any sawlogs left behind and stack up the firewood that sank or was buried by snow during the initial pass. A good mix of larch, spruce, fir and maple should make for some nice burning this winter and spring. Found a few spruce logs suitable for beams in the barn. As that project gets closer to reality more details are coming together like doorways and additional supports for the 'evolving' interior design.

Using a bucksaw and axe makes carrying the tools in and out much easier than lugging the chainsaw, fuel and tools about and it makes for a more relaxing day (at least on the senses). Sure can feel the upper body after the first few days though, whew. Wouldn't lose the chainsaw for cutting the larger stems during the initial pass though, just takes too much time unfortunately. Either need a larger axe or bigger bucksaw if I'm going to take it that far. Guess we'll see how necessary it becomes...