Saturday, January 9, 2010

Barns take time

Laddy gets ready for the big pull. He was better today, mostly hauled with no coaxing and didn't get skittish even though a tree spooked him a bit (for only his second real day of work that's pretty good).

The barn site is looking good, but since its the last day with no snow on the ground we'll probably have to wait on hauling out more wood. When the ground freezes up a bit they'll have more traction to pull. No fun for them when its just wet and slippery.

Doesn't look much different than yesterday but there's about 40 more logs in that pile that were scattered all over the place when we started this AM.

Laddy did a job on the turf as well, chewing it up a bit as he pulled out the wood piece by piece. There's a berm there in the back of the photo that was left behind when they cleared this land in the fifties.

Last green pictures of the winter, snow is falling as I write this. Soon be time for sleighrides in the winter wonderland!!