Sunday, February 14, 2016

All the hipster foodies are on instagram...

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All the hipster foodies are on instagram so I thought, what the hell? Twitter was useful for poking the politicians & journalists, why not use instagram to poke the hipster foodies?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 CSA

I m a g i n e !! 

Fresh local organic food available right here in NL!

NOTE: We are in the process of getting our online store up and running. In the meantime the alternative is to use the old system of printing the form and either an interac online email money transfer, sending in payment via cheque, or calling in with a credit card number.

About our CSA
Here at Eastport Organics we grow a wide variety of vegetables, and our CSA is the preferred way for our regular customers to ensure they have a fresh supply of organic, pesticide-free, local vegetables. The CSA subscriptions also help us financially through the first part of our season.

We are the only farm (organic or otherwise) that offers this service in central Newfoundland, and we may be the only farm outside the avalon peninsula to offer a CSA option. We offer the service in the Gander, Clarenville & Grand Falls-Windsor areas with some variance each year depending on clients for that season. As farmers markets are introduced to each of these areas it will make our system much more efficient and viable.

CSA is a system that sees the customer pay up front for produce that will be delivered over the growing season, and was developed primarily to assist small farms in the distribution of income throughout the year. By paying up front the customer is entering into a contract with the farmer, and taking on some of the risk. The customer trusts the farmer that the food will be there throughout season, and is helping out with early season cash flow. As with all forms of farming, there are inherent risks involved in small-scale market farming. Poor weather, insect outbreaks and labour issues can all contribute to a poor harvest just as good weather, healthy crops and willing helpers can lead to a bountiful harvest. The CSA helps the farmer mitigate the risks of a poor year, as well as share the benefits of the good years.

What will you receive?
In our planned CSA there’ll be 11 bi-weekly offerings of vegetables made throughout the season (roughly between early June and late October), with each bi-weekly delivery containing a mixture of salad greens, fresh herbs and seasonal produce made ready for customers in easy to store bundles.

How does it work?
We will make available a bi-weekly delivery system that will see customers receive their share either through a local distributor or, directly from our delivery truck. We will also make the orders available for on-farm pick-up at our farm stand located next to the Heritage Centre in Eastport.

Why organic?
Here at Eastport Organics, we are what organic was meant to mean before the term became mainstream. The organic label you now see on products at the major chain stores is merely a watered down version of what the term is actually supposed to represent. We pride ourselves in growing our food with only locally available materials. We use seaweed, peat, sawdust, poultry waste, horse manure and fish waste to make our compost and in turn feed our soil. We gather a majority of our nutrients from the base of the surrounding ecosystem. The result is our own ‘terroir’, the French term literally translated to mean ‘sense of a place’.