Friday, January 22, 2010

More wood hauling and the like

For the past week I've been in the woods clearing land, burning brush, and doing some more training with the ponies. Here's Elly helping with Laddy (who's a bit of a handful for her) for the day. Soon be ready to move up to a sleigh with him, he's pulling alone with me reining from behind now. MacKay is still just looking on (although he now comes along for the load trips and leads Laddy out, so that's at least some progress).

Moved a couple trailer loads of compost around to two coldframe sites where it'll be used this spring. It's frozen, but not too bad. Greenhouse next to the house is producing greens everyday, and there are now three plantings going in there.

First seed order of the year went in the other day. Spinach, Kale, and Leeks from Seeds of Change.

A big welcome to our new CSA members who signed up this week!

After a hard days work...