Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paddock project progress

The fence line is in for the paddock. Still some finishing and securing to do, but all of the rails are in place and a gate or two is still needed.

Very satisfying to see a home for the two ponies coming together before the busy spring season when I won't have so much time for them. There's just over an acre of land for them to run around on here, and that will be connected to the barn by the end of next month. They'll have free access to about 1200 square feet of open floor space in there, so all of it together should make a great place for them to hang out. I bet the WWOOFer's will love it too.

The back of the paddock leads out into the community forest, with Terra Nova National Park beyond. Future overnight rides into the park are definitely on the agenda.

Good times indeed.