Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fencing is ALOT of work

Started running some fence line through our woods today. Measuring where the rails will go between trees and where I need to put up posts. This might not seem like a big project (at least it didn't seem like that big a project to me when I dreamed it up), but it is huge.

I started two years ago. First step was cutting the rails, peeling them and sanding down the knots so they wouldn't rot. Then I had to trim each piece to fit the required lengths for the fence I'm planning. It will mostly run through woods and around the edge of already established fields, but some lengths of it will be through open field, and that part will require a free standing fence. Since I just lease the field, I'm just going to put up a 'Russel Fence'. Some call it a cariboo fence, I've also heard it referred to as a sawbuck fence.

Cutting and hauling all the fencing and materials to where you want to build a fence, especially if it's through wooded areas, is a massive job. I'd estimate I'm three quarters done with the work, and not one rail is up yet (but that'll soon change)! Pictures to follow in the next couple of days, it was too wet today to take the camera out.