Sunday, January 19, 2014

Make Valentine's Day 2014 Special
Dinner for two + an afternoon sleighride through the forest trails of Eastport

This special Valentine's Day offer will only be available Feb.13-15th. Pre-booking is recommended. Contact Darlene from Downhome Delights @ 533-7061 or via email to get your sleighride and dinner for two arranged.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

and another year begins...with a foot of snow on May 24th weekend

This past weekend we were busy building shelving in the barn, designing our new chicken tractors and transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse when the snow hit. Wow. Late Saturday and all day Sunday there was a mix of snow, rain, hail, wind and general nastiness. Great time to be inside with the woodstove and fireplace in hunkered down watching movies.

Out in the field the only thing we had in was garlic and a few rows of early potato's. Good thing too, otherwise it would've been a loss for sure. Everything in the greenhouse and coldframes is fine and ready to go out into the real world over the next week. Taking early greens and onions out of the grrenhouse and coldframes will make way for squash, cucumber and tomato plants (which have bigger space requirements).

Off on another adventure of market gardening on the NE Coast of NL!!